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In message <09fb5723-54d6-4ab7-372c-7aee87c9085a at>, Gisle Vanem writes:
> Mukund Sivaraman wrote:
> > On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 01:21:08PM +0200, Gisle Vanem wrote:
> >> I just built Bind9 + tools using MSVC-2015 and get
> >> rubbish in some commands. E.g.:
> >
> > Which version of BIND is this?
> The latest from

Again, which version as "the latest" doesn't answer the question
as there are multiple latests.  Bind is under developement /
maintenance in multiple branches.

> > Has it been modified from the stock version?
> I doubt it.
> > How did you build it using MSVC-2015?
> The "official" way described in:
>   win32utils\readme1st.txt.

Give win32utils/readme1st.txt doesn't describe how to build
named, it describes how to install the shipped binaries.

How did you build named?  Yes, details do matter.
> Are there other ways for MSVC? But I'm working on
> another way; a set of GNU-makefiles targeting MSVC+MinGW
> (as the latter doesn't seems supported?).
> BTW. the number of ISC_x defines are staggering. It
> seems some of them are no longer supported. Like with
> 'ISC_CHECK_ALL', I'm getting assert-failures in some
> win32 .c-files. Anybody who have tried that lately?

Why do you say that?  The first blocks could have #undef's added
but that doesn't stop ISC_CHECK_ALL and ISC_CHECK_NONE overridding
any individual checks settings and checks are on for any which
aren't explicitly set.

#if defined(ISC_CHECK_ALL) || defined(__COVERITY__)
#define ISC_CHECK_REQUIRE               1
#define ISC_CHECK_ENSURE                1
#define ISC_CHECK_INSIST                1
#define ISC_CHECK_INVARIANT             1

#if defined(ISC_CHECK_NONE) && !defined(__COVERITY__)
#define ISC_CHECK_REQUIRE               0
#define ISC_CHECK_ENSURE                0
#define ISC_CHECK_INSIST                0
#define ISC_CHECK_INVARIANT             0

#define ISC_CHECK_REQUIRE               1

#define ISC_CHECK_ENSURE                1

#define ISC_CHECK_INSIST                1

#define ISC_CHECK_INVARIANT             1

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