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 There is a new comment in the ticket submitted by Victoria Risk to TruBrain   Comment added by : Tony Finch  Comment Content:  <div>Victoria Risk <<a href="mailto:vicky at" rel="noreferrer">vicky at</a>> wrote:<br>><br>> Francis Dupont IS already working on adding the ED25519 support, and has<br>> run into some snags.  His work isn’t committed yet, but I think it is<br>> pretty far along.  I believe he reported at least one bug to the OpenSSL<br>> folks.<br><br>Yay, it sounds like he is significantly ahead of me, so I'll find<br>something else to do when procrastinating :-)<br><br>Tony.<br>-- <br>f.anthony.n.finch  <<a href="mailto:dot at" rel="noreferrer">dot at</a>>  <a href="" rel="noreferrer"></a>  -  I xn--zr8h punycode<br>Trafalgar: Easterly 6 to gale 8 in far southeast, otherwise northerly or<br>northwesterly 4 or 5. Slight or moderate, occasionally rough in far southeast.<br>Fair. Good.
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