Guest access to the BIND and ISC DHCP bug database

Victoria Risk vicky at
Fri Jun 9 03:46:58 UTC 2017

Hello BIND and DHCP users,

We have wanted to open ISC's BIND and ISC-DHCP bug database for a long time, and now we are finally ready to do it.
As of July 7th, 2017, ISC’s internal bug database will offer read-only access to anonymous guest users.  Guest users will be able to read issues in a new ‘public issues’ queue.

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of information previously submitted by users with an expectation of privacy.  Therefore, we are not going to publish pre-existing issues by default.  We do plan to publish some existing issues that we think are particularly useful to users to see, such as those resolved in our most recent releases, or significant open bugs, after first reviewing them for confidential information.  This review will happen gradually.

We would like to publish all new issues by default. Unless you specifically ask us to keep your issue confidential, your bug reports will be published, including your email address and any attachments submitted.  We don’t want anyone to be discouraged from reporting an issue because of a concern about privacy: all you have to do is mention in the body of your report that you want us to keep the report confidential, and we won’t put it into the public queue.  We will also not publish any report that we are evaluating as a potential security vulnerability.  We don’t think feature requests are likely to include confidential information, so requests sent to bind-suggest at or dhcp-suggest at will go into the public queue automatically.

You may continue to report issues via email (mailto: bind9-bugs at <mailto:bind-bugs at>, or mailto: dhcp-bugs at <mailto:dhcp-bugs at>) or to use the form on our web site <>.  After July 7th, when you are able to browse issues reported by other users, you will also be able to add your comments, by quoting the subject header of the existing bug in your email. We hope that this added transparency will be useful to us both in maintaining and using these open source applications.

We are announcing this change a month ahead of the planned implementation date to allow the user community plenty of time to think about it and give us feedback. We will post instructions on accessing the database as we get closer to availability.

Please let us know if you have any concerns about this, or suggestions for a better implementation. 

Vicky Risk
ISC Product Manager

PS - I posted a blog post about this too, with a bit more detail at
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