Glue for exporting DHCP provisioning into Bind

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Sat Apr 14 06:47:16 UTC 2018


philipp_subx at
> I’m the maintainer of the ISC-DHCP package for OpenWrt, and I’m
> working on some glue scripts to take statically provisioned DHCP
> leases and prime those into Bind as well (assuming this changes
> infrequently and doing it at the next reboot is adequate).

(Depending on the software you're using, you might be able to rely on
existing functionality. See below.)

> It mostly works but doesn’t entirely support partial zone
> delegation via RFC-2317.

RFC 2317 is an "Interesting Hack(TM)". It's not rocket science, though,
and it should be quite possible to make this work - even using DynUpd.

> Adding dynamic updates would allow for near-realtime changes in the
> provisioning, and that would be nice. Since it’s local, I could do it
> on localhost:53 trusted without having to mess with key management,
> etc.

> Adding dynamic updates would also help with unprovisioned hosts that
> take dynamic leases from the unassigned pool.

This doesn't sound like rocket science. Should be doable.

> Does anyone have experience doing this previously?


If you're using ISC's DHCP system and BIND, I'd say this works out of
the box. Everything You Need Is There(TM). It's just a matter of
configuring it. OK, that was a bold statement ... ;-) I don't really
know what you need, but there are lots of tools to deal with this in
place already in ISC's stuff.

> The last time I banged on Bind was 4.9.3 so it’s been a while… no,
> that’s not a typo.

Yikes! That was a _WHILE_ ago ... ;-) I _SHURE_ hope that BIND 4 is not
what's running inside WRT ... ;-)

> The work is going to be on GitHub if anyone wants to look at it and
> offer suggestions.

I might be willing to throw a glance at it. Concact me off-line.

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