Adding a new Resource Record (RR) Type to BIND 9

David M Walker davidw at
Wed Jan 1 18:55:18 UTC 2020

There is a knowledge base that covers exactly the first part of what I want to do by adding a new RR Type <>

So I forked the source code to <> and build a vanilla Bind9 from that, it all worked

I then created account_65634.c and  account_65634.h in generic by copying mx_15.c and mx_15.h and simply modifying all the occurrences of mx ro account and 15 to 65634 as per the guidance for numbering etc.

make clean
sudo make install

The line 

david       IN     ACCOUNT      10      mail

Prevents named from starting - so it looks as if it is not being compiled in

Any suggestions on what else over and over the instructions has to be done?


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