dyndb sql implementation

Petr Menšík pemensik at redhat.com
Fri Jun 5 08:59:10 UTC 2020

Hi Markus,

I am afraid there is no detailed interface description, which you are
probably looking for. The best documentation is its source. Also,
because bind-dyndb-ldap is the only implementation, I think you should
consult their documentation [1]. It is not bad. Unfortunately,
bind-dyndb-ldap is not under active development, more under maintenance

What I know about it, the most issues are with threading and
communication with a special thread for LDAP. And sometimes unexpected
races because of that. I am not sure such design is mandatory, but I
would suggest reading why have they chosen it. Your design might not
require it.


1. https://pagure.io/docs/bind-dyndb-ldap/

On 5/31/20 8:54 PM, Steinbauer, Markus wrote:
> Hi, 
> I currently am woring on a dyndb interface for MySQL (afterwards
> probably PostgreSQL and SQLite) and I am wondering if there is some
> Documentation available for the interface. (I only found the source code
> of the sample driver and the bind-dyndb-ldap project of Redhat until
> now) 
> In particular I would need information on the Database Methods and what
> exactly they are mend to do, as it takes a lot of Time to figure that
> out from the sources. 
> Further I would need some information on how to handle memory propperly,
> as currently I am storing buffers for the Results inside the memory
> context of my dyndb instance, which causes a severe memory leak in my
> point of view. 
> Thank you for some advice and best regards, 
> Markus
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