[bind10-dev] Proposal for keeping the ChangeLog up to date

Shane Kerr shane at isc.org
Wed Jun 2 05:40:40 UTC 2010


Something from yesterday's conference call...

Jeremy identified a problem with our development process right now: we
don't update the ChangeLog when we make changes.

I think the logical place for the ChangeLog to get updated is when a
ticket is closed, which is the usual place for code to get merged into
the trunk.

However, rather than counting on people to remember this, I would like
to steal an idea from the way that ISC DHCP usually works now:

      * When a change is started, a new branch is created.
      * When the code is done, the release notes are updated on that
        branch, describing the change.
      * When the branch is reviewed, the reviewer checks the changes to
        the release notes. 
      * When the code is merged, the release notes on the main trunk are
        also updated.

I think that adopting this style will work good for BIND 10, and insure
that the ChangeLog is always up to date.

So, my specific proposal is to update the code review procedure. One of
the things to do will be to review the ChangeLog for the ticket. When
the ticket is merged, the ChangeLog in trunk will be updated based on
the branch.



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