[bind10-dev] release not branched yet -- still in freeze

Jeremy C. Reed jreed at isc.org
Wed Jun 2 20:56:03 UTC 2010

Note that the freeze is over. It was branched. The release has been 

As for the build problems:

- I may need to have a monitor that reports to me when an auto build 
server disappears. (I still haven't heard from OPS.)

- Do I need more build systems doing "identical" autobuilds? I don't 
think so since I already have a few different systems and not sure if 
more reports on same problems helps or not ... but that goes with next 

- Do we need more frequent or louder reminders when builds/checks/ 
installs fail?

- Do we need some policies for how to handle these failures? Most are 
easy to fix since they are from something that was just introduced. But 
when not fixed, then we may have many different issues piled up (and 

(Note that this is related to mail "Subject: Re: Committing to trunk" 
... on different list.)

One of the autobuilds reported failures I think for over 144 hours. But 
then the system became unaccessible, so slowly dropped out of view of 
the reports (since not sending any new results). When it had constant 
failures, it masks other failures too (since the task stops at first 
problem later issues aren't reported). Fixing the many issues took 
around 24 hours.

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