[bind10-dev] Likun's status

zhanglikun zlkzhy at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 12:03:11 UTC 2010

Have done:
1. Commit the code for ticket 151.
2. Make one draft task plan owned by cnnic for the next release.

    Refactor auth code: ticket 221 High
  - bindctl: remove client-side certificate && using digest authentication
127 High
  - Xfrin TODO:  
    - Loadzone  174/175  High (with Likun) High
    - ticket82: cmdctl and missing accout
    - ticket83: cmdctl and missing key/certificate
    - ticket164: cmdctl: improve error messages  
  Python Logging framework   ticket176  High
  Zone Manager(Notify-out):  
      The document should be provided first.
  Feture backlog item(TBD): 
  ticket92: bindctl doesn't see all available modules
  ticket99: bindctl will allow options for modules that aren't running  
    ticket220: suggestion to bindctl

Zhang Likun

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