[bind10-dev] Question about config channel and another msgq channel

Kazunori Fujiwara fujiwara at wide.ad.jp
Tue Jun 22 07:48:55 UTC 2010

> From: "zhanglikun" <zlkzhy at gmail.com>
>> So my suggestion is:
>> Create two locks for one session, one lock is used for read operation,
> anther lock
>> is used for write operation. Right?
> If not, I have to let the started thread of cmdctl to listen in non-block
> mode.

You can use select() to wait socket event.

We need to consider
which programming model is better, multi thread or event driven in python.

boost::asio seems event driven.

Is there a good asynchronous/event driven library in python ?
(compatible with boot::asio)

Kazunori Fujiwara

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