[bind10-dev] Sprint Administration and Task Lists

Stephen Morris stephen at isc.org
Mon Jan 17 14:33:24 UTC 2011

Following on from the meeting last week, I have updated the sprint task lists.

As agreed at the meeting, a sprint is now represented in Trac as a milestone with a set of Trac tasks associated with it.  Two milestones have been created, one for each of the A-Team and R-Team sprints:

* http://bind10.isc.org/milestone/A-Team-Sprint-20110126
* http://bind10.isc.org/milestone/R-Team-Sprint-20110125

(Click on the links ("active", "total" etc.) under the progress bar to see the list of tickets associated with the milestone.)

During the meeting we created tickets for the R-Team tasks for the remainder of Year 2 and associated them with the R-Team milestone.  To that I have added the outstanding tickets from the last R-Team sprint.  I have also been through the list of tasks we agreed for the A-Team for the remainder of Year 2 (including the statistics-related tasks), have created tickets for each of them, and have added these tickets to the A-Team milestone.  If you notice that anything has been missed, please create a task for it and add it to the appropriate milestone. (Also, if you think that a task description is insufficient or misleading, please add a comment to the ticket correcting it.)

Each task has had the estimate we agreed added to it.  This appears on the ticket as "Estimated number of hours".  Please ignore this label: the figure is the "scrum" estimate and is not the expected number of hours the task will take.  If, after completing a task, you think that the estimate was wrong you may correct it.  However if during a task it is evident that the task is more difficult than anticipated, it is preferred that you split the task and create additional tickets for it (attaching them to the milestone).

I have been through the results of the previous sprints (where estimates were made and where notes were made of which tasks were completed at the end of the sprint) and these are presented on the "Burndown" page (http://bind10.isc.org/wiki/Burndown).  I'm hoping that pre-creating tickets and using milestones will mean that the records are more complete in the future.

Concerning task assignment, when you select a task, please assign the ticket to yourself so that it is evident who is working on what task; assign it to "UnAssigned" when you want it reviewed.  Please give priority to outstanding reviews.  A task is not complete until it has been reviewed, merged into the master branch, and the ticket closed.  Until that happens, we must regard tasks as not being finished and can't count them as part of a sprint's output.


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