[bind10-dev] commit messages

Likun Zhang zlkzhy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 05:53:16 UTC 2011

> Anyhow, if we would diligently adhere to this proposal, it would look like:
> o [trac483] some trivial style issues
> o [trac483] cleaned up a few debug dlogs, removed an extraneous ; and added a
> comment.
> o [trac483] put root server ip list into recursive query object
> o [trac483] First task of trac483
> Which I suspect would make it a lot easier to find all the changes for a branch
> when doing a review (or more specific; the parent of the first commit, to
> compare against HEAD). It might also have the nice side-effect that we can look
> back on trac later to see for what purpose a specific change was made :)

I like the idea, but can we make it automatically? When we commit the message, [trac483] can be added automatically as the prefix of the commit messages. 


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