Announcing Version 2.0 of the ISC DHCP Distribution

Ted Lemon Ted_Lemon at
Thu Jul 8 14:30:41 UTC 1999

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I actually released this late last week, but have been too busy doing
other things to send out an announcement.   The final release of the
distribution is out.   This is the culmination of a great effort, very
little of which has been my own - without the bug reports and
debugging work of a fairly vast number of DHCP users, this release
would not be what it is today.   I would like to thank you all very
much for your efforts, and I only regret that I don't have the
wherewithal to thank you each individually!

The release is available at:

For the most part, the release seems not to have any major problems.
We have, however, identified a compilation problem on Slackware 4.0,
and I will be coming out with a patch for that as soon as I figure out
a way to fix it.  In the meantime, if you have trouble compiling it on
Linux, please delete the line in includes/cf/linux.h that defines

Please read the README file before asking for help, and if you run
into trouble, please read the section in the README on reporting bugs,
so that you will know what information to include in your problem
report. This will allow us to help you as quickly as possible.


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