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Ted Lemon Ted_Lemon at isc.org
Thu Jul 8 16:31:15 UTC 1999

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The Internet Software Consortium is pleased to announce the creation
of a new mailing list, dhcp-interest at isc.org, for users of the DHCP
protocol.  This list is not restricted to users of the ISC DHCP
Distribution, but rather is intended to be a place where anybody who
is using the DHCP protocol can ask questions, and hopefully get

We would like to invite anybody who is willing to try to help other
people who are using DHCP to subscribe to the mailing list and answer
questions there.   We also invite anybody who has questions they'd
like to have answered (or expects that they may need questions
answered in the future) to subscribe.

To subscribe, please send mail to dhcp-interest-request at isc.org with
the word "subscribe" in the subject.   Please do not send your
subscription request directly to the mailing list.

Peter Losher set this up, so by all means thank him, not me.   Please
feel free to forward this to people that you think would be
interested, and if you provide support for DHCP products, feel free to
mention the mailing list to your customers.

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please send mail to dhcp-announce-request at isc.org with the subject line of  

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