Announcing ISC DHCP 2.0pl2 and 3.0b1pl15

Ted Lemon Ted.Lemon at
Sat Jul 1 06:16:35 UTC 2000

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Due to the urgency of the release of 2.0pl1 and 3.0b1pl14, it was
unfortunately not possible to do a very good job of quality control.
Several uninitialized pointer dereferences slipped through in both

The new patchlevels fix these null pointer dereferences.   In
addition, 3.0b1pl15 fixes a long-standing bug in the billing class
code where billing classes would be lost on server restart.

As with any open source release, please keep us informed if you run
into trouble.   Please submit any bug reports or requests for help to
the public mailing list, rather than sending them to me directly -
this allows Nominum's support staff to field questions I'd otherwise
have to answer.

Thanks to everybody who's submitted bug reports - without you, I
wouldn't have the pleasure of releasing newer, less buggy versions of
this software!   :')


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