DHCP 3.0 Beta 2 Patchlevel 12 is out.

Ted Lemon mellon at nominum.com
Wed Jan 17 09:01:08 UTC 2001

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This wound up having quite a few more changes than I'd planned, which
is why it's so late - sorry about that.   I've been using this version
at home and have tested it to the best of my ability, but there are
still some nagging problems that others have seen, so I'm not positive
it's stable yet.   I have not done a memory leak check, and I know
there's at least one big leak having to do with ad-hoc DDNS updates.

This version introduces a new DDNS update mechanism.   The mechanism
is documented in the dhcpd.conf manual page - please read that over
for details.   The DHCP server will not start until you select an
update style, because I didn't want you to accidentally switch, and I
also don't want people who haven't configured DDNS to get DDNS when
they don't want it, simply because they weren't aware that it was

On Martin Luther King Day, I had this dream that I might release the
code, and while my dream took a little longer than I'd planned to come
true, I did think to dedicate this patchlevel to the good Dr.'s dream,
so if you are so inclined, as you play with this new patchlevel,
please try to think of Dr. King's dream and what it will take to make
it come true.



		Changes since 3.0 Beta 2 Patchlevel 11

- Albert Herranz tracked down and fixed a subtle bug in the base64
  decoder that would prevent any key with an 'x' in its base64
  representation from working correctly.

- Thanks to Chris Cheney and Michael Sanders, we have a fix for the
  hang that they both spotted in the DHCP server - when
  one-lease-per-client was set, the code to release the "other" lease
  could spin.

- Fix a problem with alignment of the input buffer in bpf in cases
  where two packets arrive in the same bpf read.

- Fix a problem where the relay agent would crash if you specified an
  interface name on the command line.

- Add the ability to conditionalize client behaviour based on the
  client state.

- Add support for the FQDN option, and added support for a new way of
  doing ddns updates (ddns update style interim) that allows more than
  one DHCP server to update the DNS for the same network(s).   This
  was implemented by Damien Neil with some additional functionality
  added by Ted Lemon.

- Damien added a "log" statement, so that the configuration file can
  be made to log debugging information and other information.

- Fixed a bug that caused option buffers not to be terminated with an
  end option.

- Fixed a long-standing bug in the support for option spaces where the
  options are stored as an ordered list rather than in a hash table,
  which could theoretically result in memory pool corruption.

- Prevent hardware declarations with no actual hardware address from
  being written as something unparsable, and behave correctly in the
  face of a null hardware address on input.

- Allow key names to be FQDNs, and qualify the algorithm name if it is
  specified unqualified.

- Modify the DDNS update code so that it never prints the "resolver
  failed" message, but instead says *why* the resolver failed.

- Officially support the subnet selection option, which now has an

- Fix a build bug on MacOS X.

- Allow administrator to disable ping checking.

- Clean up dhcpd.conf documentation and add more information about how
  it works.

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