Announcing ISC DHCP 3.0 Beta 2 Patchlevel 14

Ted Lemon mellon at
Fri Jan 19 11:26:23 UTC 2001

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This fixes a number of problems in patchlevel 12.   The changelog is
included below.   I'd appreciate it if you could send bug reports to
the dhcp-server or dhcp-client mailing list as you find bugs, but
please read the README before doing so so that your report includes
the right information and goes to the right place.



	        Changes since 3.0 Beta 2 Patchlevel 13

- Fixed a problem where the fqdn decoder would sometimes try to store
  an option with an (unsigned) negative length, resulting in a core
  dump on some systems.

- Work around the Win98 DHCP client, which NUL-terminates the FQDN

- Work around Win98 and Win2k clients that will claim they want to do
  the update even when they don't have any way to do it.

- Fix some log messages that can be printed when failover is operating
  that were not printing enough information.

- It was possible for a DHCPDISCOVER to get an allocation even when
  the state machine said the server shouldn't be responding.

- Don't load balance DHCPREQUESTs from clients in RENEWING and
  REBINDING, since in RENEWING, if we heard it, it's for us, and in
  REBINDING, the client wouldn't have got to REBINDING if its primary
  were answering.

- When we get a bogus state lease binding state transition, don't do
  the transition.

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