Announcing DHCP 3.0b2pl15

Ted Lemon mellon at
Thu Jan 25 09:19:05 UTC 2001

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I just cut a new snapshot which fixes several core dumps and should be
a lot more stable.   Please give it a shot if you can and let us know
if you run into any problems.   Please send problem reports to
dhcp-server at or dhcp-client at, depending on whether the
problem is with dhcpd or dhclient.



	        Changes since 3.0 Beta 2 Patchlevel 14

- Finish fixing a long-standing bug in the agent options code.   This
  was causing core dumps and failing to operate correctly - in
  particular, agent option stashing wasn't working.   Agent option
  stashing should now be working, meaning that agent options can be
  used in class statements to control address allocation.

- Fix up documentation.

- Fix a couple of small memory leaks that would have added up
  significantly in a high-demand situation.

- Add a log-facility configuration parameter.

- Fix a compile error on some older operating systems.

- Add the ability in the client to execute certain statements before
  transmitting packets to the server.   Handy for debugging; not much
  practical use otherwise.

- Don't send faked-out giaddr when renewing or bound - again, useful
  for debugging.

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