Announcing dhcp-3.0.1rc3

Ted Lemon mellon at
Fri Nov 2 05:44:54 UTC 2001

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This release candidate fixes a problem where pools can get out of balance 
if the secondary winds up serving fewer clients than the primary.   The fix 
is somewhat questionable, but it will work for now.

The release is available at:

The changelog:

                         Changes since 3.0.1rc2

- Allow the primary to send a POOLREQ message.   This isn't what the current
   failover draft says to do, so we may have to back it out if I can't get 
   authors to relent, but the scheme for balancing that's specified in the
   current draft seems needlessly hairy, so I'm floating a trial balloon.
   The rc1 code did not implement the method described in the draft either.

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