RPM packages for ISC DHCP 3.0.1rc4

Charles R . Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Tue Nov 13 23:55:16 UTC 2001

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After a slight hiatus, RPM packages are now available for the latest
ISC DHCP release candidate, 3.0.1rc4.  See the changelog below for more
details on the spec file changes.  The packages are available at:


Binaries of this release are available for these platforms:

Red Hat 7.2/i386
Red Hat 7.1/i386
Red Hat 7.1/alpha
Red Hat 7.0/i386
Red Hat 6.2/i386
Red Hat 6.2/sparc

The source RPM was built on Red Hat 7.2.

Since these packages are not officially supported by ISC and at the
request of Ted Lemon, I have tagged the release of these packages with
my initials to make distinguishing different packagers easier.  Any
questions regarding these packages should be directed to me, preferably
on the dhcp-server list.

All packages are signed with my PGP key.  My PGP key information is in
my sig below.  The public key is available on the public keyservers
and also on my web page.

RPM changelog
- -------------
* Mon Nov 12 2001 Charles R. Anderson <cra at wpi.edu>

- - 3.0.1rc4-1cra

* Fri Oct 05 2001 Charles R. Anderson <cra at wpi.edu>

- - 3.0.1rc1-1cra
- - default debug build for release candidate

* Fri Oct 05 2001 Charles R. Anderson <cra at wpi.edu>

- - 3.0-1cra
- - normal build now reinstates brp-strip to strip binaries in buildroot
- - debug build removes brp-strip policy
- - make non-debug build the default
- - increment epoch to 3
- - remove stdio from pre/post scriptlets
- - clean up obsolete spec bits
- - add RH 7.2 support to client package
- - remove dhcp-contrib.5, since it is no longer in the sources

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