Announcing dhcp-3.0.1rc7

Ted Lemon Ted.Lemon at
Wed Feb 20 08:04:49 UTC 2002

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I've just cut a new release candidate for 3.0.1.   The changelog looks 
pretty alarming, but most of the changes are small tweaks that I've done at 
the request of FreeBSD and NetBSD port maintainers.

The main changes that I think most people will notice are the first five 
bullet items in the changelog - I've made a couple of fixes that should 
make failover work more smoothly, including the fudge factor hack suggested 
by Kevin Miller.   I am pretty sure the pool merging bug from 3.0.1rc6 is 
also fixed now.   Logging of DNS updates is a lot more terse now, and 
should be more user friendly for most people, although if you have a log 
picker that recognizes the old messages, you'll have to tweak it.

Because I've crammed a bunch of fixes into this release candidate, it's 
probably best not to run this code, particularly the failover code, in 
production until people have had a chance to test it out.

The release is at

			Changes since 3.0.1rc6

- Don't allow a lease that's in the EXPIRED, RELEASED or RESET state
   to be renewed.

- Implement lease stealing for cases where the primary has fewer leases
   than the secondary, as called for by the standard.

- Add a fudge factor to the lease expiry acceptance code, (suggested
   by Kevin Miller of CMU).

- Fix a bug in permit_list_match that made it much too willing to say
   that two permit lists matched.

- Unless DEBUG_DNS_UPDATES is defined, print more user-friendly (and
   also more compact) messages about DNS updates.

- Fix a bug in generating wire-format domain names for the FQDN option.

- Fix a bug where the FQDN option would not be returned if the client
   requested it, contrary to the standard.

- On Darwin, use the freebsd DHCP client script.

- On NetBSD/sparc, don't check for casting warnings.

- Add a flag in the DHCP client to disable updating the client's A
   record when sending an FQDN option indicating that the client is
   going to update its A record.

- In the client, don't attempt a DNS update until one second after
   configuring the new IP address, and if the update times out, keep
   trying until a response, positive or negative, is received from the
   DNS server.

- Fix an uninitialized memory bug in the DHCP client.

- Apply some FreeBSD-specific bug fixes suggested by Murray Stokely.

- Fix a bug in ns_parserr(), where it was returning the wrong sort
   of result code in some cases (suggested by Ben Harris of the
   NetBSD project).

- Fix a bug in is_identifier(), where it was checking against EOF
   instead of the END_OF_FILE token (also suggested by Ben Harris).

- Fix a bug where if an option universe contained no options, the
   DHCP server could dump core (Walter Steiner).

- Fix a bug in the handling of encapsulated options.

- Fix a bug that prevented NWIP suboptions from being processed.

- Delete the FTS_BOOTP and FTS_RESERVED states and implement them
   as modifier flags to the FTS_ACTIVE state, as called for in the
   failover protocol standard.

- Fix bugs in the pool merging code that resulted in references and
   dereferences of null pointers.   This bug had no impact unless the
   POINTER_DEBUG flag was defined.

- In the server, added a do-forward-updates flag that can be used to
   disable forward updates in all cases, so that sites that want the
   clients to take sole responsibility for updating their A record can
   do so.

- Make it possible to disable optimization of PTR record updates.

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