Wildcard hardware address syntax

HAWKER, Dan dan.hawker at astrium.eads.net
Thu Aug 3 14:28:50 UTC 2006

HAWKER, Dan wrote:

>># Class to match vmware MAC addresses
>>class "vmware" {
>>	match if substring (hardware,1 ,5) = 00:0c:29;
>>	}

>Have you tried substring (hardware,1 ,3) ?

>5 bytes is never going to match 3 bytes ! You also start at byte 1 
>(the second byte) and byte 0 is the hardware type.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply. No, I hadn't (although have now) as to be brutally
honest the whole class matching stuff was a little hard for me to grasp and
as such I kind of fudged it until something worked.

Have just tried your suggestion and unfortunately it didn't seem to work
either. Agree about 3 bits (makes a bit more sense now), it initially seemed
to be further down in the config where my problem lied, however...

I have an alternative pool of addresses that this DHCP
box is also dishing out. These are available to all, however wanted to have
a specific area for VMware  VM's, hence my attempts. The 2 pools seem to be
quite happily giving out leases to their appropriate machines. My VM's are
getting the addresses quite happily and boot as normal, they
never get the 192.168 addresses, *providing* I add the whole MAC address to
a host declaration. However after looking at the logs, it seems the DHCP box
is offering the VMs a 192.168 address but they never accept it (I get
continual discover-offer-discover-offer messages in the log), so I guess
something is awry.

I *presumed* that my class was working, as in my understanding, as hosts are
global and hence are not affected directly by subnet declarations, yet my
hosts are receiving a 172 address (of which the pool says use this range and
"allow members vmware") that the class match was being applied. I guess this
isn't the case.

Time to read some more docs...

Confused :)


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