ISC DHCP 3.0.5b1 has been released!

David W. Hankins David_Hankins at
Fri Aug 4 17:38:58 UTC 2006

On Fri, Aug 04, 2006 at 11:38:24AM -0400, Theo Van Dinter wrote:
> Just curious if there's an estimated release date (ball park at least)
> for 3.0.5?  Based on other 3.0.x versions, I would guess there'll be
> another couple of releases (either beta or rc) a few months apart, and
> a full release sometime either later this year or the beginning of
> next year -- but I was really hoping it'd be sooner than that.

I suspect 3.0.5 will go rc1 in a matter of days with no code changes,
based upon the (lack of) feedback I've received.

We tend to only hear from people when there's bugs.  So we weigh
the (hopefully large) supply of no feedback against the size and
nature of the changes present in the release to decide wether or
not to advance the release on its track, or hold it.

3.0.5b1 is a small set of fairly trivial changes.  The largest of
which has been running in the "patched" versions of our software
platforms have to modify to give their clients, and so we indirectly
actually have a much larger supply of no feedback than we normally

So, it should be rc1 nowish (look for it in a few days).  Provided
there continues to be a large supply of no feedback for approx 2
weeks after that, I plan to advance it to final release status.

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