dhcp v3 option slp-service-scope slp-directory-agent

david.wright at westnet.com.au david.wright at westnet.com.au
Wed Aug 16 06:13:51 UTC 2006


We would like to use DHCP ( dhcp-3.0.2-30.FC4 ) to dish out SLP
information, options 78, 79.

We have added this information to our config and it starts the
service ok.
When we do a trace from a Netware client we see the request for
option 78, 79 , 85 go out to .
The DHCP server responds but not with the options the client
requested. ( options 53 , 54 are sent back to the client )

The options we added to dhcpd.conf are: ( Ip addresess made up )
option slp-directory-agent      true,;
option slp-service-scope        true "whatever";

Can anyone let me know if the lines above are in the wrong format, or
is there a trick to get this to work ?

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