donovan donovan at beth.k12.pa.us
Fri Aug 18 04:37:40 UTC 2006

On Aug 17, 2006, at 10:09 PM, Steve Wenger wrote:

> I am currently running a wireless network with over 2ooo clients  
> attached to
> 50 different access points,  I will be reconfiguring the network  
> and setting
> up different VLANS for each tower location.  I want to use one  
> centralized
> DHCP server so I need to configure a DHCP server that can assign  
> clients
> addresses from multiple address blocks both public and private  
> based upon
> the VLAN that the client is part of.  Can anyone point me to some
> documentation on how to accomplish this.
> Steve Wenger
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I'm doing it with OSX, however i have IP Vlans which at the layer 3  
level I just use a helper address for lost UDP requests and point  
them to my DHCP server.
It is a bit quicker when the clients can access on their local  
subnet. I am actually going to spread out the services because a  
central server is a central point of failure.
It has a tendency to effect everyone at the same time.

what kind of switches are you using?


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