Allie M Hopkins allie at lsu.edu
Fri Aug 18 14:37:20 UTC 2006

I know everyone has given ideas on what you *should* do, but here is how to
do exactly what you originally asked:

create files for each vlan in
/etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eth0.<vlan tag id>

which contains the following:

DEVICE=eth1.<vlan tag id>

The important part is the VLAN=yes line.  Run service network stop/start or
whatever equivalent on your FC5 machine.  You can see the interfaces with
ifconfig and can control them just like any other interface.

I had to do this for one portion of our setup behind a firewall since the
pix didn't pass dhcp requests like a normal router.

Good luck.


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I will be running it on Fedora Core 5,  I am going to have approx 100 total

vlans to start, and I know it can be done I am just not sure how to get it

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> --On August 17, 2006 9:09:53 PM -0500 Steve Wenger
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> > I am currently running a wireless network with over 2ooo clients
> attached
> > to  50 different access points,  I will be reconfiguring the network
> and
> > setting  up different VLANS for each tower location.  I want to use
> one
> > centralized  DHCP server so I need to configure a DHCP server that
> can
> > assign clients  addresses from multiple address blocks both public
> and
> > private based upon  the VLAN that the client is part of.  Can anyone
> > point me to some  documentation on how to accomplish this.
> > Steve Wenger
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> What platform?  Linux and FreeBSD both support an 802.1q/VLAN
> encapsulation
> driver.  I've used both to run DHCP and they work very well.  They both
> expose an interface to DHCPd, so there's nothing 'special' as far as
> is concerned.  In Linux there's an option you have to sometimes set
> that
> makes sure the Layer2 Ethernet headers are correct in order to make
> certain
> the DHCPd works.  In any case it's not the DHCPd that does the VLAN
> interface, it's the host OS.

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