transition from HP-UX DHCP/BOOTP to ISC DHCP on Linux

Maciej Soltysiak maciej.soltysiak at
Sat Aug 19 11:11:07 UTC 2006


I have a (old, almost dead) HP-UX server with HP-UX dhcp software and I need
to move them to a Linux machine (preferably with ISC DHCP)
All the configuration there is with 2 files: /etc/bootptab and /etc/dhcptab

In /etc/bootptab I have lots (hundreds) of valid static addresses. The format
is known I guess, because I found linux software (bootpd) that can run the /etc/bootptab
file with little modifications. The contains entries like these:


subnet36b is defined in the file too.

Because I can not run both the bootpd and isc dhcp on the same IP (port 67
used by both) I decided to only use dhcp3 for both dhcp pools and bootp entries.
I think I need to run this on one machine - one IP, because there is a
dhcp-relay and other firewall and NAT isses in the whole setup.

Moving /etc/dhcptab to dchpd.conf is easy, and it's no problem, however the isc dhcp3
format for static bootpd entries is different enough so that rewriting hundreds of
addresses is a problem.

So I guess I would need to have all the bootptab entries converted to the host { };
clauses of isc dhcp3. I thought I could write a program in python to do that, but
maybe you guys have a better way of handling it all.

best regards,

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