Problem in creating class and subclass object with OMAPI

Reddy Vijay Bhaskar-a24240 vijaybhaskar at
Mon Dec 11 06:30:09 UTC 2006

Hi All,
I am trying to create class and sub class objects with OMAPI. How can i
create a sub class object with OMAPI for the below 
class "full-access"   { match hardware; }
subclass "full-access" 0:16:6f:9a:eb:f7;
subclass "full-access" 0:0:c0:5d:bd:94;
I am getting the following errors.
[root at localhost ~]# omshell
> connect
obj: <null>
> new class
obj: class
> set name = "full-access"
obj: class
name = "full-access"
> set match = "hardware"
obj: class
name = "full-access"
match = "hardware"
> create
can't open object: connection reset by peer
obj: class
name = "full-access"
match = "hardware"

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