Tomas Eduardo Lotina Ramos tomas_lotina at
Sat Dec 16 01:20:08 UTC 2006

hello i need help, if somebody can help me please do it =)

 i got a freeradius server with mysql, both having comunication, i have an
 access point cisco  which one is working with freeradius server excellent,
 the authentication is throught the radcheck table in radius database , im
 using PEAP/MS-CHAV2 and for example i have a laptop with wireless and i
 enter a username and a password that i already have in the radcheck table
 and the conexion with freeradius is always sucessful, im running dhcp3 and
 when radius accept the user, dhcp3  send a ip to the client, everything is
 fine but i have a problem, i need to create two dynamic ip pools, one for
 users of a group A and one for users of the group B  the problem is that i
 dont have any idea how can i use the radcheck table for auth the users and
 in the same time use dhcp3 to recognize those users and assing the ip from
 the ip pool A or B depending if the user belongs to the group A or B

 how can i work with mysql and dhcp3???
 help me please




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