dhcpd logfile format

Tim Peiffer peiffer at umn.edu
Mon Dec 18 12:01:52 UTC 2006


There isn't a concise reference that I know of.  I think there is one 
for ISC BIND, but not for ISC DHCPD. 

I agree with Shane Kerr that DHCPD has no shortage of log messages.  
Paraphrasing Obi-wan Kenobi to Luke Skywalker (Star Wars movie 
reference) - "Use the source Luke, use the source", you can build your 
own concise reference of messages using a perl one liner.  The authors 
of DHCPD were kind enough to be consistent when writing syslog in the 
format of 'log_<severity>'.

Extract log messages matching log_ from source:
perl -e "$/=';'; while(<>) { print if (/log_/); } print '\n'; " *.c

You will of course need to open the source again to provide context to 
the message.

ISC - can we get a log messages section in one of the next releases' 
documentation section?

Tim Peiffer
Networking and Telecommunications Services
University of Minnesota

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