Interested in DHCPv6?

Karl Auer kauer at
Sat Jul 1 01:40:37 UTC 2006

KAME seems to have been subsumed into wide-DHCPv6, though people using
it still seem to call it KAME and the KAME people are still active.
Could be wrong there, it's all a bit confusing. There does seem to be
working code in their so-called "snaps". Perhaps Kvin Dierking can
elaborate? See:

The NEC DHCPv6 server seems to have become "dhcpv6" on Linux. See:

Nothing non-commercial seems to support DDNS *at all* except Dibbler,
and most of that is currently vapourware. What there is is in the
Dibbler client. There are indications that further work is under way,
but there's a long way to go. Dibbler is interesting because it has a
WindowsXP client, as well as very portable server code. See:

There is some old source from the dead Hycomat project lying around that
looks interesting, but only for people prepared to hack a LOT:

The only commercial server I have so far found (with or without DDNS) is
Cisos CNR. I'd welcome any other pointers.

While DDNS is not absolutely essential for our initial program, we
definitely need it for production.

Regards, K.

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