expected specifier-qualifier-list

kalyanasundaram S s.kalyanasundaram at inbox.com
Thu Jul 13 11:16:17 UTC 2006

I just setup SLES 10 and try compiling dhcp 3.0.3.
It is gives me error like expected specified-qalifier-list before __u16 in tr.c

in the release notes i found this has been modified to u_int16_t in 3.0.4 
is it a bug or just following the standard?
then how do i compile .. i was able to compile in version 9.only problem with SLES 10.

i am able to compile 3.0.4 on SLES 10. 
But i couldnot find any difference tr.c in both the version it seems both are same.
from where the modification has been made.
or do i need to do something with SLES for the libraries (linux/types.h)

any idea please..

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