Can't 'dhcpd -d' in background ?

Joe Bill pica1dilly at
Thu Jul 13 12:27:40 UTC 2006

run 'dhcpd' as root, off it goes on it's own, running in the background.
  run 'dhcpd -d', there it runs in the foreground, locking up your terminal.
  What's the '-d' option ?
  man dhcpd says about the '-d' option:
  "To have dhcpd log to the standard error descriptor, specify the -d  flag. This can be useful for debugging, and also it sites where a  complete log of all dhcp activity must be kept but syslogd is not  reliable or otherwise cannot be used."
  Nothing about 'dhcpd -d' running in the foreground instead of the  default background behavor when 'dhcpd' is invoked without the '-d'  option. Why is the behavior different then ?
  Furthermore, still in man dhcpd, we can read about a '-f' option:
  "To run dhcpd as a foreground process, rather than allowing it to run  as a daemon in the background, the -f flag should be specified."
  Tried 'dhcpd -d -f', just in case. Unfortunately, dhcpd still won't run in the background.
  So, how do you do it, running 'dhcpd - d' in background ? If you can't, 
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