dhcp failover in 3.0.1/RHEL vs 3.0.4

Aaron Bennett abennett at clarku.edu
Mon Jul 31 19:54:10 UTC 2006


I'm planning a dhcp failover deployment based on RHEL 4, which comes 
with  DHCP 3.0.1.  I know that failover protocol is one of the newer 
features of dhcp, so I'm wondering if I need to find and / or build rpms 
of DHCP 3.0.4, or if anyone has experience and with the 3.0.1 rpms that 
are part of RHEL 4?

Obviously if they work and if failover works with 3.0.1, it would be my 
preference to say with it since it keeps the system Red Hat supportable; 
but I've no problem building (or using someone else's) 3.0.4 rpms if 
it's necessary.


Aaron Bennett

Aaron Bennett
Sr. Unix Systems Administrator
Clark University ITS
abennett at clarku.edu     |     508.781.7315

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