dhcp failover in 3.0.1/RHEL vs 3.0.4

Darren perl-list at network1.net
Mon Jul 31 20:15:57 UTC 2006

Fail over definitely works the best in v.3.0.4.  In v.3.0.1 you are 
likely to run into odd problems from time to time.  I do not believe 
their are any show stoppers, however. v.3.0.3 was a definite improvement 
over v.3.0.1  (We skipped v.3.0.2 or there wasn't one .. I don't know 

Aaron Bennett wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm planning a dhcp failover deployment based on RHEL 4, which comes 
> with  DHCP 3.0.1.  I know that failover protocol is one of the newer 
> features of dhcp, so I'm wondering if I need to find and / or build rpms 
> of DHCP 3.0.4, or if anyone has experience and with the 3.0.1 rpms that 
> are part of RHEL 4?
> Obviously if they work and if failover works with 3.0.1, it would be my 
> preference to say with it since it keeps the system Red Hat supportable; 
> but I've no problem building (or using someone else's) 3.0.4 rpms if 
> it's necessary.
> Best,
> Aaron Bennett

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