How to delete a lease?

markd mark at
Fri Jun 2 12:16:53 UTC 2006

Simon Hobson wrote:

> Tom Schmitt wrote:
>> > Is there any way beside stopping the dhcpd and manually editing the
>> > leasefile?
>> > It's the easiest way.
>>So there is another way?
> I've only ever done it that way.
> The server might delete it if you remove the address(es) from the 
> ranges it can allocate from - but I've never tried it.
> It might also be possible to do it through omapi, but that's a 
> facility I've never used.

No, you can't remove leases via omapi.  Or at least, the dhcpctl
function 'remove_object()', which deletes host declarations, will
not remove a lease (the function succeeds, but does nothing)


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