giving bootp request ONLY once

Yayati Singh yayatisingh at
Wed Jun 14 14:08:52 UTC 2006

Bruce Hudson wrote:

>    There is another point of control besides the two listed in your
>message; at least the two I saw since it was very hard to read your
>unformatted message.
>    The two listed were (1) the client's boot order and (2) the boot
>image provided by the DHCP server. The third is the PXE configuration
>    We use an executable called "pxelinux.0" as the PXE image loaded
>onto the server. It then loads a configuration file, also via tftp, that
>controls what happens next. There is a list of files it looks for but
>the first is the IP address of the client in hex and the last is the
>file "default". Our default file says "LOCALBOOT 0", which tells PXE to
>reboot off of the local drive rather than continueing the kickstart
>process and loading a kernel from tftp. 
>    Automating a re-install involves putting the client specific file in
>place with the kickstart kernel and booting the client. A command in the
>post-process kickstart section connects to out manager and removes this
>file before rebooting so that the next boot uses "default" and goes back
>to local disk.


Apology to every1, on my formatting, my email client is playing with me!!!

Bruce Hudson, you are exactly to the point.
Here's what i am trying:
Instead of waiting for the kickstart process to signal its done, i am 
trying to look at tftpd logs if it has transfered the Image, once its 
done, it would remove the host entries from the dhcpd database.

Thanks all for  re-enforcing my views on this methodology.

I should say i am attempting to assemble an "Boot Manager"

- Yayati.

>Bruce A. Hudson				| Bruce.Hudson at Dal.CA

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