Improving dhclient startup time

Lorenzo Colitti lorenzo at
Thu Jun 15 16:57:58 UTC 2006

David W. Hankins wrote:
> Also look in your /etc/dhclient.conf.  I've found on one networkmanagered
> Linux (SuSe 10.1, anyway) that dhclient.conf has:
> 	select-timeout 5;

Yes, I had already commented that out. :-)

> The rest of the delay from networkmanager is probably trying to figure
> out which network to use before dhclient is invoked.

Actually, most of the delay is due to various sleep() calls in various 
places(!). I fixed most of them in GNOME bug #344825:

With the these in place, with the dhclient hack and dhclient.conf fixes, 
and another patch to networkmanager I haven't had the time to clean up 
yet, performance is now pretty zippy: it only takes about 2.5 seconds to 
associate, down from 10 or more...

Good to know that this will make it into the next release. Thanks!


Lorenzo Colitti                

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