dhclient - DHCP w/ manual address?

Chris Zimmermann cbzimmermann at mac.com
Thu Jun 15 17:40:24 UTC 2006

Is it possible to configure dhclient to operate in the mode where it  
specifies the address it wants to use, but will request the options  
via DHCP;  DHCP with manual address?

I believe this occurs by the client sending a DHCPINFORM (containing  
the requested options) rather than a DHCPDISCOVER to initiate the  
negotiation.  The options should be returned from the DHCP server via  
the DHCPACK, rather than a DHCPOFFER.

I know dhcpd supports this from the server side, so I would imagine  
dhclient supports it on the client.  I just can't find anything in  
dhclient(8), dhclient.conf(5), or dhcpd-options(5) regarding this.

If I'm missing something, can someone please point me in the right  


Chris Zimmermann
cbzimmermann at mac.com

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