omshell failover-state confusion [was: partner-address]

Gordon A. Lang glang at
Wed Jun 21 14:43:28 UTC 2006

Can anyone tell me how to interpret the "local-address" and 
"partner-address" parameters reported by omshell for the "failover-state" 

I would ordinarily assume the colon-separated hex values would be the IP 
Addresses of each machine, but the output I am getting doesn't even come 
close to what my actual IP Addresses are, and therein lies the confusion.

please help please!

Gordon A. Lang

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> omshell is providing local and partner addresses on the primary as 
> follows:
> partner-address = 00:15:02:b0
> local-address = 00:15:02:80
> and on the failover partner as follows:
> partner-address = 00:14:21:e8
> local-address = 00:14:21:b8
> These addresses, in any typical mutation, do not resemble any of the IP
> addresses on either server (the dhcp addresses are and
> ...21).  Are they supposed to -- (the man pages suggest they should)?
> How do I interpret these colon-separted addresses?
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> Gordon A. Lang
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