DHCP support for InfiniBand

Eli Cohen eli at mellanox.co.il
Thu Mar 16 19:52:08 UTC 2006

> I very carefully read the draft and commented on practical
> issues, not the least of which is that some DHCP servers
> (and probably relay agents, as well) are known to discard
> "ill-formed" packets, including those with 'hlen' zero and
> 'chaddr' either all zero bits or all one bits.  I also noted
> that implementors cannot rely on all DHCP servers to
> "support" the 3315-style Client Identifiers called for in
> the draft [not that it would matter, really, as servers are
> supposed to treat the Client Identifier as an opaque value,
> so I remain puzzled why they called for it to be formatted
> that way.]

I was thinking on Client Identifier as a way for the server to identify
specific clients for example for allocating persistent IP addresses for
a client. In fact this is already implemented by the server and I am
using it.

> Finally, I agree with both Eli and David that servers are
> NOT required to return the Client Identifier and that the
> draft doesn't call for it, so other than the use of
> BROADCAST for DHCPOFFERs and DHCPACKs, it doesn't look like
> any server modifications would be necessary.

The current implementation will broadcast the DHCPOFFERs and DHCPACKs if
the client sets the broadcast flag

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