dhcpd zombie processes

Aaron Dummer aaron at dummer.info
Mon Mar 20 15:40:47 UTC 2006


I'm having trouble with dhcpd in some cases when it's run on a server with 
bridge interfaces.  The servers are using Debian Linux and version 3.0.3 of 
the dhcp3-server package.

When the server boots up, there are cases when dhcpd gets started before the 
bridge interfaces are up.  The daemon starts but it won't handle any requests 
(essentially in a zombie state).  The only fix is to restart the daemon.

Is there any way I can test the daemon to make sure it's functioning?  Or 
better yet, an option to prevent it from starting if all of the interfaces 
it's supposed to handle are not up?


Aaron Dummer
aaron at dummer.info

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