Conflicts and network boot

Bruno Gola brunogola at
Tue Mar 21 14:13:13 UTC 2006

Simon, thanks for your reply!
If you MUST have two different servers servicing the same network,
then you should make sure that they will only respond to mutually
exclusive sets of clients. Ie, so any client, one server should be
set to service it, the other server should be set to ignore it. This
is harder said than done !

That was the first idea, talk with the admins of the principal dhcp server
and ask they to ignore these hosts. BUT their are using a Windows dhcp
server, and they've said that the server dont have these feature (ignoring
hosts). Its strange... but i dont have any access to the server.

My dhcp server is already ignoring any other request.

 Finally, please correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you are
trying to use DCHP on the network without the permission (or
assistance) of the network administrators. IF this is the case, then
I strongly advise against it, as a network admin it's the sort of
thing I take very seriously and would have no hesitation in removing
(by unorthodox means* if neccessary) such offending equipment and

I've already talked with the network admin and he knows what i'm doing. The
problem is that my departament (projects infrastructure or enviroment) needs
"special features" as it's own dns server and dhcp/bootp server, i think you
can figure out why we need it by the name of the area =)

Thanks again,
Bruno Fialho Marques Gola <brunogola at>
Cel: (11) 9294-5883

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