Multiple DHCP One Network

Chinmaya S. Narayana Reddy chinmayareddy at
Wed Mar 22 00:14:26 UTC 2006


I have 2 DHCP servers running on my network, please don't ask me why :).

Each DHCP is configured to serve only known-clients, but give away
random IP address (basically STATIC-DHCP).

The IPs do not overlap.
my DHCP1 is configured for   to  IP range
my DHCP2 is configured for to IP range

DHCP1 serves X number of clients, DHCP2 serves Y number of clients.
Clients configuration (host declaration) on the DHCP servers do not overlap.

I have a DHCP-Client, trying to DHCP via a relay-agent (, the
relay agent is configured to unicast DHCP packets DHCP1 only.

Client sends DHCP discover, DHCP1 sends DHCP-offer,
Client sends DHCP REQUEST to DHCP1
DHCP1 sends ACK, before client gets DHCP ACK, DHCP2 sends NACK to client.

Now why did DHCP2 respond? Well I guess it did so because it had the
subnet configured !! I removed the subnet definition from DHCP2, now I
don't see NACK.

Can anyone please tell me is DHCP2's behavior acceptable?

chinmaya swaroop

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