Two active leases for client bug?

Simon Hobson dhcp at
Sun Mar 26 11:36:41 UTC 2006

Darko Bezjak wrote:

>I have just one question. Way dhcp server kips all clients leases in lease
>file although when is lease inactive. Client has been move from one class to
>other class but lease for client has stay in lease file forever!?

Stock Answer : As is documented, the leases file is a 'write only' 
database, all changes are made by appending a new record to the end. 
The reasons are for performance and security (so that a system crash 
cannot corrupt the database). If there are multiple matching entries, 
then only the most recent applies.

Periodically, the leases file is cleaned up. The program writes out a 
new version using it's in-memory data (only one record per lease), 
moves the old file out, and moves the new file in - you can see the 
old file as dhcpd.leases~.


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