Two active leases for client bug?

Darko Bezjak darko.bezjak at
Sun Mar 26 12:45:22 UTC 2006

Simon, thanks!

However I have 50% old lasses in the lease database and database will grow
in the future. Maybe is some method similar to periodically clean lease
duplication in the database. With this tool will be lease database much

Kind regards, Darko.

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Darko Bezjak wrote:

>I have just one question. Way dhcp server kips all clients leases in lease
>file although when is lease inactive. Client has been move from one class
>other class but lease for client has stay in lease file forever!?

Stock Answer : As is documented, the leases file is a 'write only' 
database, all changes are made by appending a new record to the end. 
The reasons are for performance and security (so that a system crash 
cannot corrupt the database). If there are multiple matching entries, 
then only the most recent applies.

Periodically, the leases file is cleaned up. The program writes out a 
new version using it's in-memory data (only one record per lease), 
moves the old file out, and moves the new file in - you can see the 
old file as dhcpd.leases~.


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