Configure Leasetime

Simon Hobson dhcp at
Wed Mar 29 20:09:12 UTC 2006

Chinmaya S. Narayana Reddy wrote:
>Quick question on this,
>Can I force dhcp lease time, irrespective of what is declared globally and
>what client requests,
>by using option 51 for the particular host ? Reason is, my users can change
>option 51 only !!

What is it that you are trying to achieve ? The reason I ask is that 
I can't recall anyone wanting to do this before, I think most people 
just set default, min, & max lease times (sometimes by pool or class) 
and leave it at that.

I doubt if you can set the lease time directly, it is calculated by 
the server. If you have control of the client then you can probably 
set what the client requests - but that is still bounded by min & max 
set on the server.


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