DHCP Server not using Declared Names

Blair Copeland copeland at unt.edu
Thu May 18 23:16:59 UTC 2006

On Thu, 18 May 2006, Simon Hobson wrote:

> Blair Copeland wrote:
>>    May 18 15:50:00 ns0005 dhcpd: Added new forward map from
>> nt106223.ddns.unt.edu to
>> host ambulance.ddns.unt.edu {
>>       fixed-address;
>>       ddns-hostname "ambulance";
> Are those addresses in the same subnet ? If not, then because the
> address isn't valid for the subnet, IIRC, the entire host declaration
> is invalidated.
I am trying to set up a configuration that allows names to follow regstered users even when traveling into pools.

If they have a static address on a given subnet, then I want to regester it in DNS for them.

So on subnet I want to get and register it in Dynamic DNS.

On subnet I want to get a POOL address and register it in Dynamic DNS.

I want to be able to travel while leases are active and still get a new

I am having some luck taking the fixed address out, but when I travel to
a new network with the old lease valid, the DHCP server apprears to be
ignoring the request for a new address.

I am looking into the allow-duplicates to see if that will fix this


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