SV: Logging question

Lars Jacobsen lars-jacobsen at
Mon Oct 9 16:40:29 UTC 2006

> > 1. use a log-facility statement inside each pool to specify a different
> > syslog destination. Typically you would use local0 through local7. You
> Won't work.
> It's unfortunate that log-facility is a scopable configuration
> variable, but its value is only interrogated once at startup
> immediately after loading configuration ("postconf_initialization()").
> The only value that matters is the one in global scope, it is only
> observed at startup.

Damm, nothing in life is perfect. 
My previus DHCP server had a log facillity with configurable eval. parameter
like time/date/mac etc. that could be set individually for each scope or
even pr. Client, but it can not handle IP limitation based on opt. 82 info
like ISC DHCPd.

So it seems like I have to dig into the possibility of parsing syslog :-/


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