dhclient not able to obtain an IP address from my isp's cable modem

JC Ferguson phish-jc at charter.net
Tue Oct 10 03:56:40 UTC 2006

Well, I got it to go.  Lord knows how/why, but it now works.  I had 2x
3COM cards, same vintage, in the box.  For the hell of it, I tried
removing one of them and replacing it with a cheapo one based on the good
old DEC TULIP chip.  This card was able to get a DHCP address w/o issue.


"David W. Hankins" wrote:

> what version is sarge indicating?  your report sounds like the
> experience that led up to this:
>                         Changes since 3.0.5rc1
> - A bug was repaired in fixes to the dhclient, which sought to run the
>   dhclient-script with the 'EXPIRE' state should it receive a NAK in
>   response to a REQUEST.  The client now iterates the PREINIT state
>   after the EXPIRE state, so that interfaces that might be configured
>   'down' can be brought back 'up' and initialized.
> outside of that, i have no idea, and the debian list sounds like a
> good place to start.
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